I spy…strollers

Mutsy 4Rider

I’m on a hunt – a stroller hunt. You know when you walk by someone on the street who has on a really great outfit or the perfect pair of boots and you can’t help but stare – trying not to be too obvious, but at the same time, not wanting to look away until you’ve dissected the look. Well, I’m the first to say I’m guilty of  this kind of voyeurism, but in the past my voyeurism pertained to fashion accessories – now I find myself checking out baby strollers! If it’s a stroller I like, I usually search for some form of identification, a name, a logo – and sometimes this makes me feel like I’m staring just a little too long… Finding a great stroller is harder than one might think. Of course you want a pretty stroller, and this was all I was initially concerned with, until my sister informed me I had other things to consider, like how well it swivels and rides over sidewalks (yikes!). Aside from knowing I like the 3 wheel as opposed to the 4 wheel, I’m stumped. So, if anyone out there has some advice, I’m all ears!

Phil & Teds Vibe Buggy and the Bumbleride Indie



  1. He’s unhappily aware… Every time I show him something we’ll need he asks ‘how much?’ and he’s never quite happy with the answer. In my defence, Mark knew before we were married that I had good (expensive) taste, so he’ll just have to cope:)

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