Baked delights…

Don’t you just love the aroma of freshly baked bread and pastries!!! Nothing beats that warm, delicious, homey, smell. Taking a stroll during my lunch break,  I happened to pass by Au Pain Dore, a delightful Montreal bakery and I couldn’t help but stop in for some fresh bread…and of course a little pastry treat. After spying all the tarts, croissants, and sweets,  I happily left the bakery with a mini maple filled danish. It was mini, so I didn’t feel so bad.  Is it normal for a danish to ‘make someone’s day’? ’cause after devouring my mini danish, my mood has brightened significantly! Au Pain Dore also has a wonderful recipe section on their site and I really want to try every single one!

Like the cider and acacia honey french toast

And toasted brioche bread ice cream with a raspberry and red wine sauce



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