Boston Bound!

Hi lovely readers. As you might have guessed, I’m headed to Boston for a mini getaway with the family (my little one’s first vacation). I’ve never been before, so I need some input from those who have. I’d love to hear your suggestions for places to go, sights to see, restaurants to sample, etc…



  1. Went to Boston for the first time this summer!! SOSO much to see, but for just chilling an soaking up the vibe, I liked Brookline-a neighborhood near Cambridge. It had a really cute movie theater, and a Peet’s coffee, and a fun place to shop. We also liked the Museum of Fine Arts, the Aquarium, and the best place we ate at was called Henriettas in the St. Charles hotel. Great food and not too fussy. We had an awesome weekend there-hope you have fun!

  2. oh my gosh! i’m from boston originally and go back every summer. i’m obsessed. swan boats and make way for ducklings, quincy market, freedom trail. ah!

    i get so excited when i see people are going. it is my favorite place in the world. make sure you walk down beacon street by boston commons- the houses there are so old and gorgeous and their doors are amazing!

    oh and also the north end italian food. yum.

  3. I grew up near there, so Boston is one of my favorite cities. I don’t know how much time you have, but definitely hit Newbury St., the Commons and Gardens, maybe catch a show in China town, go to Quincy market, and hang out in Haaavad (thats Harvard) square. Oh and go to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum!! Have a wonderful time!!

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